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Automatic Engine Control Modules or Generator Controllers are designed so you can manually or automatically start and stop the engine on your generator. Controllers also monitor for fault conditions and show operational status. Event, performance monitoring and controlling alarms or sending a remote signal to let you know the power has failed and the generator is running are also possible with some models.


Generator controllers can also monitor fluid levels, temperatures, service intervals, voltage, power usage, engine preheating functions and more. One display can tell you all you need to know rather than multiple meters and gauges. Engines may require a warmup and cool down period to prolong their life before and after some heavy work. The engine block can store heat after being used heavily for a period of time. It may be ideal the engine run without a load until it can cool down a bit before shutting down. This cool down period is often programmable. Generator controllers come in all shapes and sizes as well as for many different functions. Some can be programmed using a USB cable and your computer and then be monitored and even controlled a wired internet connection or wirelessly by cellular. We carry many different types of generator controllers. If you need help picking one just ask! We would be happy to help you.

DynaGen Genset Controllers

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