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Ontario Government Launches Searchable Made In Ontario Website

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

AURORA is now listed :-)

Here is the press release...


Good morning Ontario Made Manufacturers, 

Thank you for your patience as a new announcement date to launch Ontario Made's searchable consumer database was being set. I am thrilled to let you know that Ontario Made's searchable consumer database is now live! 

What Does This Mean?

If not already, the product(s) you registered will be listed on by tomorrow afternoon. Consumers will be able to search for any product using keywords. Products will also be sorted by different categories such as clothing & accessories, construction & home renovations, food & beverage, health & medical, and more.

Spreading the News:

Following a live 1pm announcement from the Ontario government this afternoon (tune into the Livestream via the Premier's official YouTube channel), we would love it if you could spread the word with your network. We want to encourage as many Ontarians as possible to visit the website and discover Ontario-made products.

Sample Social Media Caption

We’re excited to announce that our products are now live on Ontario Made’s consumer database! Visit to make informed purchasing decisions, search through product categories, and discover where to buy Ontario-made goods.


Ontario Made Accounts to Tag 

•    Instagram: @Ontario_Made •    Twitter: @Ontario_Made •    Facebook: @SupportOntarioMade •    LinkedIn: @Ontario Made

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