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Oil Filters - Look Inside!

All filters are not the same. We picked up some filters that were supposed to be replacements for Perkins. After cutting them open, we quickly realized they are NOT at all the same.

People are always looking at ways to save money. Buying aftermarket parts in some cases is not recommended; the fact is, it may cause damage to your engine. Perkins diesel engines can go up to 500 hours between oil changes. That's an incredible time when you consider how hard the engines work. Compare it to how often you change the oil and filter in your car, 500 hours is equivalent to 30,000 miles of highway driving. (1800 RPM, 60 Miles/Hr for 500 hours) There is a huge difference in quality between the genuine Perkins parts and aftermarket ones. This oil filter is just one example of why you should pay a few extra dollars and get the right filter for your generator.

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