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Safe Generators for Sensitive Electronics

Not all generators are safe for electronics.

Take heating and air conditioning or example.

Furnaces, unlike consumer electronics, do not have a built-in regulated power supply. A quality one could cost over $1,000.00. So, they rely on a clean, consistent sine wave to power an IFC (integrated furnace control) and establish clock timing and synchronization of integrated circuits.

A simple IFC may only control furnace functions such as turning line or low voltage switches on and off, controlling fan-timing circuits, and monitoring flame rectification circuits. More advanced IFCs also control voltage to igniters, ECM and VFD motors, and variable frequency drives. Even the simplest IFC may not operate when supplied with poor quality power. Furnaces have a minimum basic electrical requirement for voltage, frequency, and power quality. The accepted standard is:

120 V ± 10 % (108 V to 132 V)60 Hz frequency ± 3 % (57 Hz to 63 Hz)Harmonic distortion <5 % THD

Furnaces supplied with voltages that have harmonic distortion greater than 8 % THD may not operate or will operate with possible damaging consequences for the electronic circuitry and components.

* ALL Aurora Generators have less than 3% THD.

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