50 kW Diesel Generator - Perkins Engine


Built To Run Full or Part-Time


AURORA Bare Bones generators include an auto-start controller that is two-wire start compatible. The controller offers superior generator protection over the basic key switch many others use. AURORA also includes a radiator coolant level sensor and a second engine temperature sending unit.  



  • 55 kW Standby
  • Output Voltage Options 120/240 Singe Phase or 3 Phase 208/480/600 Volt
  • Perkins Turbo Diesel | Model 1104D-44TG1 | 4.4L | 4 Cylinder
  • Meccalte Industrial Alternator Model ECP32-2M/4 | Brushless | Maintenance Free
  • Controller DynaGen - TG350 Auto-start genset controller
  • Two-Wire Start / Auto-Start Controller, Muffler, Battery Cables, Vibration Mounts, Oil Drain Valve, Glow plugs, Temperature Switch and Sender
  • Optional - Battery, Block & Oil Pan Heater, Battery Charger, Mains Breaker



Fuel Consumption


Standby Power - 8.42 L/hr | 2.22 g/hr
Prime Power - 7.45 L/hr | 1.97 g/hr
75% Power - 5.50 L/hr | 1.45 g/hr
50% Power - 4.24 L/hr | 1.12 g/hr


Nothing Fancy, It Just Works!


This generator is mounted on vibration isolators and shipped on a wooden pallet. When you receive it, add engine oil and coolant. Connect your battery to the included cables and the fuel lines to your fuel supply. Mount the muffler with the included hardware and position it up, down or forward as you see fit.


A DynaGen auto-start controller monitors the generator, shows warnings and performs safety shut-down if needed. Easily hook it up to any two-wire start such as a transfer switch, remote control or power inverter/charger.





This engine meets U.S. and Canada EPA emission standards. The 1104 model is a compact four cylinder 4.4 litre diesel motor that runs at 1800 RPM. Just like all other Caterpillar/Perkins engines, it will run full or part-time for days or weeks at a time, only needing an oil change ever 500 hours of use.


  • Engine - Pekrins 1104D-44TG1
  • Power - 63 kWm (84 hp) gross standby power @ 1800 rpm
  • Cylinders - 4
  • Displacement - 4.41 litres
  • Cooling - Radiator
  • Aspiration - Turbo Diesel
  • Combustion System - Indirect injection
  • Dispalcement - 4.41 litres
  • Cooling System - Water Cooled
  • Coolant Capacity - 8.4 litres | 2.2 US ga
  • Oil Capacity - 16.5 litres | 4.4 US gal




MeccAlte ECP32-2M/4


For over 60 years Meccalte has been specializing in one thing only, producing the finest, highest quality, most reliable alternators. Meccalte is the largest independent producer of synchronous alternators. This generator uses the ECP alternator that's brushless, and self-regulated by using a digital electronic regulator. Meccalte alternators produce consistent power under almost any operating condition. Trust Meccalte to power all your sensitive electronics!


  • ECP32-2M/4 Industrial Alternator
  • Self-regulating Alternator 4 Pole | Dedicated Wiring | Brushless
  • DSR Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Class H Insulation System | IP23
  • 66.0 kW Continuous Power Rated
  • Voltage Options
      120/240 Volt Single Phase

      120/208 Volt Three Phase Optional

      277/480 Volt Three Phase Optional

      Other voltages also available.

  • 620 lbs

  • 61 dB @ 23 feet





DynaGen controllers make using your generator easy. Place it to Automatic or manually turn your generator on and off with the push of one button. The display provides easy to read generator instrumentation. An event log keeps track of operation and can be set to alert you when it is time to change the oil.


The DynaGen "tough" series controllers are intended to operate even in harsh conditions, without fail. Simple two wire start makes them compatible with any standard transfer switch or remote starting system.


  • TG 350 Generator Controller Specifications
  • TG350 User Manual R6.0
  • TG350 Typical Wiring Diagram R3.0

50 kW Diesel Generator


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