GEN Mini On-Board Smart Battery Chargers are rugged and compact waterproof chargers for 12 volts lead-acid batteries.


They can be mounted onto virtually any generator vehicle, like a boat, car, tractor or RV.


Safe to leave connected indefinitely, the GEN Mini interactively diagnoses, recovers and charges wet, gel, MF and AGM batteries from 20-120 ampere hour and maintains all battery sizes.


The GEN Mini is a smart battery charging solution for rugged environments and includes multiple innovative features, such as 100-Percent waterproof design, automatically recovers sulfated batteries, charges multiple battery chemistries, designed for user safety, protects against abnormal conditions, small, compact design, optimizes a battery's specific gravity, charges 2X faster than traditional chargers, works with varying AV voltages and ignition protected.


GEN Mini On-Board Smart Battery Chargers are rated at IP68,

ETL approved for United States and Canada and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.



  • A 4 amp (4 amp per bank) on-board battery charger for charging and maintaining one 12-volt battery.
  • Safely charge all types of lead-acid batteries from 20-120Ah, including wet, gel, AGM, and deep-cycle batteries.
  • Advanced safety protection featuring spark-proof technology, plus reverse polarity, thermal, ignition, and overcharge protection.
  • Rugged and waterproof construction capable of submersion down to 3-meters and rated IP68 and NEMA 6P.
  • One of the most advanced battery chargers in its class, which is certified to UL1236, ISO 8846, 33 CFR 183.410, plus backed by a 5-year warranty.

Generator Battery Charger


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